The His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife (Book 2)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2003
8 hours 5 minutes
The spellbinding sequel to The Golden Compass, the modern fantasy classic that Entertainment Weekly named an 'All-Time Greatest Novel' and Newsweek hailed as a 'Top 100 Book of All Time,' continues the epic adventure, catapulting readers between worlds, and toward a devastating discovery.

Lost in a new world, Lyra finds Will—a boy on the run, a murderer—a worthy and welcome ally. For this is a world where soul-eating Specters stalk the streets and witches share the skies with troops of angels.

Each is searching—Lyra for the meaning of Dark Matter, Will for his missing father—but what they find instead is a deadly secret, a knife of untold power. And neither Lyra nor Will suspects how tightly their lives, their loves, their destinies are bound together...until they are split apart.

A #1 New York Times Bestseller
Published in 40 Countries

“Just as quick-moving and unputdownable as The Golden Compass. . . . The mysteries deepen and the wonders grow even more extravagant.” —The Washington Post

“Pullman’s imagination soars . . . A literary rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss.”—The Boston Globe

“The story gallops with ferocious momentum . . . Devilishly inventive.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Brad Austin

The whole trilogy is amazing. Pullman perfectly narrates the story and all the voice actors are fantastic.

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Jessica E

Excellent book, excellent reading!! Starting the third immediately!

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Dorte Lassen

The second book of the trilogy had a slow start compared to the first book. I had my difficulties to accept the new character William in the story. But after a while when Lyra came back and the importance became clear how they supplemented each other the story became magical and catching again. The narration was the same as in the first book, and most of the old characters were back. Unfortunately, also the evil mother... Like everybody else, I would love to start the third book immediately, since the story ends with a cliff hanger, but I have to wait for my next credit to do so. :(

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I absolutely love this series!

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Nora C.

As a huge fan of His Dark Materials, I’m thrilled that all 3 books are available as audiobooks! I love all the characters narrations in this book, The Subtle Knife. I find Will especially endearing because the pacing of his voice seems to reflect how he is a careful, thoughtful person. Can’t wait to dive into The Amber Spyglass!

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Superb delivery of an intriguing story of a well crafted universe.

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Marion P.

As someone who usually keeps away from audiobooks because I struggle to stay focused by ear alone, I gave a try to this trilogy because I was already familiar with the books. And I have no regrets! Getting a full voice cast really helped me stay focused and it was a great experience. The books being narrated by the actual author is also a major bonus and Pullman makes it very enjoyable. The only downside is, because English is not my native language, I sometimes had a hard time understanding some accents, but it only happened just a few times.

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Didn’t care for it

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Mark H.

Another incredible book and narration. Loved every bit of this book and the cast really bring the characters to life. Like other reviewers, I’ve delved straight into book three. Oh and this has one of the most deliciously perfect sentences for your ears: “his bland, vacuous docility” mmmmm

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Awesome listen!

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Sussan Carlson

I read this series before and as I said in the review of the Golden Compass it is such a great story. The narrators really bring the story to life.

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Caitie Garza

This audiobook was great!! The voice acting was incredible

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