The Hired Girl

Written by:
Laura Amy Schlitz
Narrated by:
Rachel Botchan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
12 hours 50 minutes
Ever since the untimely death of her mother, 14 year-old Joan Skraggs has been desperately unhappy. Under the thumb of her cruel father and three sullen brothers, Joan lives like a servant on their farm just outside of Lancaster, forever cooking, cleaning, and attending to the many demands of the home. But she has little freedom, and less support from her family for her love of reading and blossoming interest in education. But when her father tells Joan she can't go to school anymore, it sets off a journey that will see her become first a runaway, then a hired girl on $6 a week, and finally her very own young woman. Set in America during the optimistic years before the First World War, and told through a series of journal entries, THE HIRED GIRL is the story of a young girl in search of Real Life and True Love. It takes in feminism and housework; money, religion, and social class; literature and education, romanticism and realism, first love and sexual yearnings, cats, hats, and bunions. And it's a comedy.
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Brittany W.

The beginning of the book had me feeling as if this girl was a strong and passionate girl. But when one would think the story would actually start she ends up a permanent maid. Doing exactly what she did at home but less. I kept waiting for this character who knows she is intelligent, should be doing more, and destined for greatness (she always says so in the book) to do SOMETHING. Alas all she does is fantasize about boys that she falls in love with at the drop of a hat and obsess over clothes and religion. This books only saving grace is the fact that it does give a look into the Jewish religion and celebrations. I must admit I knew nothing about the Jewish faith. On my own mistake I did expect it to perhaps go into America and how they treated Jewish people in the United States during the war since it does take place only three years prior. All though there is a small amount of anti-semitism it does not go any farther then that. But I cannot completely hate this book for it did make me wonder and now I have a lot more insight on how horribly the Jewish people were treated and still are. My friend, whom I had no idea was Jewish till now, told me that apparently Walt Disney said some horrible things during the war. I'm glad I've taken the time to listen to this if only to better myself as a person.

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Elise S

Although it's written as a "young adult" genre, this book can be appreciated by anyone of any age.

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