The Hidden Child

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2014
15 hours 1 minute
Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover a Nazi medal among boxes in her late mother's attic. Haunted by a childhood of neglect, she resolves to dig into her family's past to finally uncover the reasons why.Her inquiries lead her to the home of a retired history teacher who had been among her mother's circle of friends during the Second World War, but her questions there are met with bizarre and evasive replies. Two days later the man is brutally murdered in a house he shared with his brother, a Nazi war criminal investigator with the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Detective Patrik Hedström, Erica's husband, on paternity leave with their newborn child, soon becomes embroiled in the murder investigation. Who would kill so ruthlessly to bury secrets so old? The answers may lie in Erica's mother's wartime diaries, but can they find them before dark secrets from over sixty years ago surface to destroy them all?
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Kenneth D.

This is my fourth book in the Erica/Patric series. I continually enjoy both the detective work along with the everyday lives (babies, prior marriages, lazy workers. She spins a good story while keeping the same set and bringing in a couple of new characters every story. Narrator does a very good job with the different voices!

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Katerina G.

Amazing story!!! Great narrator!!!! Page turning! I finished this book in about two days!!! Loved it! Now onto another book of hers!

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This was a very good book. I really don’t know how to explain why it is either but this is definitely a good one to read

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