Her Vixen Actress: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Her Vixen Actress: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Written by:
Violet Cowper
Narrated by:
Morag Sims
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
6 hours 34 minutes
One has a fiery temper. The other is governed by rigid self-control. Will an unexpected pair become a comedy of errors or a legendary love story?

England, 1782. Grace Dashwood longs to woo London’s theater-goers. But the up-and-coming actress’s glamorous good looks and sexy charm aren’t enough to win her a place on the city’s cutthroat stage. Until she meets an earnest lady playwright who has the connections she covets… and a ravishing beauty she wants to explore.

Frances Smythe clings to her prim-and-proper manner. So the quiet writer’s patience stretches to a breaking point with the redheaded whirlwind of a performer, even as she senses the first red- hot sparks of passion. But when she finally yields to the woman’s dramatic pleas for aid, she’s rewarded with a delectable kiss that leaves her aching for more taboo trysts.

Shocked to have caught a wealthy man’s eye, Grace can’t bring herself to accept his patronage in the face of her unexplored desires. But Frances’s fear of intimacy plunges the duo into an impossible limbo as she refuses to fully commit her emotions.

Will their tangled connection get tied up in knots or weave a tapestry of happily ever after?

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TW: non-graphic mentions of situations of dubious consent (NOT between the main couple).
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