Her Morning Star: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Her Morning Star: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Written by:
Violet Cowper
Narrated by:
Morag Sims
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
7 hours 28 minutes
They’re engaged in a dangerous game of espionage. But the bigger scandal these two ladies risk is the joy they find in each other’s arms…

England, 1807. Miss Melanie Bright longs to escape the shadow of disgrace. Still haunted by her parent’s mistakes, the shunned debutante seizes on a hopeful chance by sharing a roof with a well-respected noblewoman. But when her patron proves to be a beautifully reckless daredevil, she’s quickly seduced by the breathtaking promise of foreign escapades.

Lady Evelyn Prynne hides deep wounds behind her madcap reputation. Determined to track down and expose a French spy, she refuses to let her gorgeous guest become a distraction. Yet as they face perilous gaming halls, Lebanese deserts, and gunfire side by side, she’s intrigued by the backbone of steel beneath her delightful new companion’s dainty exterior.

Wondering if the ton’s favor is still her coveted goal, Melanie questions why she’s so desperate to please her tough benefactress. And even as Lady Evelyn revels in having found a confidante who can finally keep pace with her fiery nature, she continues to plunge them into darker dangers.

Will they dare the wrath of convention and bring home the life-changing prize of love? Her Morning Star is the adventure-filled first book in the Ladylike Inclinations historical romance series. If you enjoy cloak-and-dagger drama, fierce heroines, and lushly passionate encounters, then you’ll adore Violet Cowper’s riveting dive into the past.

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