Her First Kiss: Londons story

Written by:
Mj Fields
Narrated by:
Jeremy York , Elizabeth Hart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
8 hours 18 minutes
One woman with her entire life in front of her.

Having experienced a lifetime's amount of loss and love under the spotlight of her stepfather and stepbrother's rock and roll stardom, London Fields decides now is her time to shine. Leaving for college with a clear focus and big dreams around her musical theater major, she is ready to take on the world . . . under an assumed name. Protecting her identity will allow her the freedom to experience life and maybe love for the very first time.

One man with a second chance to live for himself.

A horrible accident devastated life as Logan Links and his family knew it. He spent a semester off from college to help them begin to heal and returns to school just in time to play one more season of college football.

Only one thing can make things . . . hard.

Logan and London have had a tumultuous relationship since he was twelve and she was eight. One that has always been buffered by their families' close connection. Now, they are on their own.

What happens when these two repeatedly run into each other without the watchful eyes of others? Will London's daydreams of Logan Links being the first man she kisses become a heavenly reality, or will his devil dimples lead her straight to hell?

Contains mature themes.
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Gege M.

Narrators were excellent. I really enjoyed the book until the end. I hate cliffhangers and I hate rushed endings, especially when the plot that is built up doesn't happen.

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I love this series. Such a well thought out group of books that flows naturally to the next. There are so many twists to each story but the most memorable is London and Logans story. The narrators bring the stories to life in such a superb way but in saying that they are on my favourite narrators list. A highly recommended read.

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I loved the book. I could not put it down. The characters were so believable, I felt like I knew them personally.

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Amber A.

I loved the drama, love, friendship, and family in this book.

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Linda M.

love it, shockingly admire the great range of the female narrator different voices especially the way she does the male characters. the male narrator has the best voice for this book, heck for any book. i can totally see the xrated scenes easily. i fell madly in love with his voice lol

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Madie W.

Good story, I liked the characters. They were very realistic for college. The author/MC needs a REALLY huge lesson in feminism, because they were extremely liberal with slut-shaming women but very slow to call out men for being sluts. It got pretty hard to listen to halfway through because of this - at a party and calling women hookers and bimbos meanwhile the men are playing strip beer pong. It doesn’t make it un-listenable, just makes you like the MC less.

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Denize B.

I didn't like it

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