Her Exception 2: A Friends to Lovers Romance

Written by:
B. Love
Narrated by:
Eden Lafon , Tony Roberts

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
4 hours 41 minutes
Best friends Amelia and Amaru have done everything together for the past thirteen years, including raise their children together. For those around them, love radiates from the duo on a soul level that makes them question why they haven’t taken things further. One failed relationship after another reminds them why their friendship is so important. No amount of sex or romance is worth risking the bond they share.

When Amelia’s questionable choices in men causes Amaru to view her differently, he can’t stop himself from wondering if he can become the exception to her no dating friends rule.

With a promise of one night in a hotel room, will the best friends become lifetime lovers, or will surrendering to their lust cause them to destroy the platonic family and security they’ve built?
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