Her Enticing Muse: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Her Enticing Muse: a Lesbian Regency Romance

Written by:
Violet Cowper
Narrated by:
Morag Sims
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
5 hours 9 minutes
She’s promised to a stranger, but it’s her gorgeous teacher who catches her eye. Can two

accomplished women help each other bloom?

England, 1792. Maria Balcombe refuses to forsake her talents. Fleeing an unwanted arranged marriage, the gifted young artist hopes to make a name for herself in London’s competitive streets. So when a celebrated portraitist agrees to her pleas for mentorship despite their clashing styles, she gratefully accepts the beautiful woman’s strict conditions.

Stella Wesley needs an obedient student. But with limited opportunities for creators of the fairer sex, she reluctantly bends her ideals for a confidante who’s willing to flaunt society and act as a living anatomy model. And she soon finds the hours she spends exploring the artistic intimacy of the female body are turning into an undeniable, smoldering attraction.

Angry at a world that demands conformity over innovation, a conflicted Maria throws their future into jeopardy with her stubborn frankness. And when Stella is torn between abandoning her protégé for a one-in-a-lifetime offer or succumbing to her deepest desires, she fears more than one heart will end up broken.

Will their forbidden strokes reveal love’s vivid promise?

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