Henry Fielding: A BBC Radio Drama Collection: Full-cast dramatisations of Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, Jonathan Wild & The Female Husband

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August 2022
7 hours 27 minutes
A collection of contemporary adaptations of the best-known works of Henry Fielding - plus bonus documentary programme

Dubbed 'the father of the English novel' by Sir Walter Scott, Henry Fielding is well known for his ribald humour and ironic, satirical fiction. Collected here are four of his most famous works, including his comic masterpiece Tom Jones, as well as a fascinating documentary exploring the foundling motif in fiction.

Tom Jones - Fielding's bawdy picaresque tale follows the amorous adventures of foundling Tom, one of the most sparkling heroes in English literature. Starring Simon Russell Beale as Henry Fielding and Michael Legge as Tom.

Joseph Andrews - Sitting down to write about the misadventures of a handsome young footman on the road, Henry Fielding finds himself unexpectedly collaborating with his smart, witty wife, Charlotte. As they laugh and bicker about the plot, the story of their writing partnership interweaves with that of Joseph Andrews... Max Bennett and Lyndsey Marshal star in this 18th Century romp with an up-to-date twist.

The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild, The Great - Based on the real-life 'Thief-Taker General' and notorious underworld boss, Fielding's tongue-in-cheek tale draws sly parallels between the corrupt Jonathan Wild and Britain's first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole. Starring Timothy West, Christopher Fairbank and Crawford Logan.

The Female Husband - Sandi Toksvig stars in this high-spirited dramatisation of the true story of Mary Hamilton, who was tried and flogged in 1746 for marrying as a man, and achieved notoriety in a sensational pamphlet published by Fielding.

One of the Three Great Plots of All Literature - Why do foundlings appear so often in literature? Kate Adie discusses the theme underlying Henry Fielding's classic novel Tom Jones with Hugh Cunningham, Marina Warner, Jenny Uglow and contemporary foundling Andy McNab.

First published 1742 (The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr Abraham Adams), 1743 (The Life and Death of the Late Mr Jonathan Wild, the Great), 1746 (The Female Husband), 1749 (The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling)

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