Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 32 minutes
In all his years of bounty hunting, not one injury could rival the pain Lou Prophet felt when he thought he'd lost his old partner Louisa Bonaventure. Now that he's rescued her from the brink of death in Mexico, they're seeking a fresh start in Juniper, Wyoming, which had once been called Helldorado before Lou's friend, “Hell-Bringin'” Hiram Severin, cleaned it up. Or thought he had... The two bounty hunters take on jobs as gold guards for a local bank—and Louisa takes up with a rich banker. Lou doesn't have time for jealousy because some people have decided to welcome them to Helldorado with some hot lead. Now Prophet needs to find this filth that's been swept under the carpet, or he and Louisa will be settling down in Helldorado for good—six feet under...

Performed by Bradley Smith; James Konicek; Marni Penning; Jonathan David Martin; Audrey Bertaux; Christopher Graybill; Andy Clemence; Ken Jackson; Michael John Casey; James Lewis; Yasmin Tuazon; Bradley Smith; Zeke Alton; Nanette Savard; Terence Aselford; Andrew Quilpa; Chris Davenport; Drew Kopas; Mort Shelby; Rose Elizabeth Supan; Carolyn Kashner; David Jourdan; Ryan Carlo Dalusung; Chris Stinson; Scott McCormick; Colleen Delany.
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