Hell for Breakfast

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
10 hours 48 minutes
In a twist of fate, Slash and Pecos are riding hard for the law, dispensing justice as they see fit, and determined to watch their final sunset as heroes . . . not outlaws.

His wicked ways mostly behind him, reformed bank robber Jimmy 'Slash' Braddock is getting hitched to his sweetheart. But before the honeymoon, Chief US Marshal Luther T. 'Bleed-'Em-So' Bledsoe needs Slash and his former partner-in-crime, Melvin 'Pecos Kid' Baker, to don a couple of deputy marshal badges and saddle up for a trip to Nebraska. Seems the town of Harveyville has fallen prey to a trio of murderous badmen blasting away up and down Main Street, and the local law needs some assistance from men who know how to handle a gun.

But Slash and Pecos killed the wrong man. Worse, the town marshal tells them that the outlaws rode on and he doesn't need their help after all. But now Slash and Pecos are wanted men. Tom Gyllenwater's son is dead. He won't rest until Slash and Pecos are permanently relocated to Boot Hill. And as the duo are targeted by every gun-crazy desperado in the territory, Slash and Pecos discover they'll find no help from anyone in Harveyville, a town of ruthless and corrupt folks willing to kill to protect their secrets . . .
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