Heir of Novron

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2012
31 hours 54 minutes
A rising star in the fantasy genre, Michael J. Sullivan has built an ardent following for his Riyria Revelations saga, which draws to its epic conclusion in Heir of Novron. On the holiday of Wintertide, the New Empire plans to burn the Witch of Melengar and force the Empress into a marriage of their own design. But they didn't account for Royce and Hadrian finally locating the Heir of Novron-or the pair's desire to wreak havoc on the New Empire's carefully crafted scheme.
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Robert Brkic

A little cliché/cheesy but great fun throughout this series despite it feeling like a lotr movie directed by micheal bay at times.

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Tim Havermann

Great finale to the series. It kept me wishing my commute was longer so I could hear more. The narration was excellent, it really put you in the story.

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Matt M.

Loved the main characters!! Very fun to listen to.

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Charles N.

It was a good end to the series! I enjoyed it very much.

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Jack P.

I absolutely loved it !! Very impressed with this trilogy

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James Tyree

All these books are amazingly.written and beautifully narrated. Loved them

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Youri Z.

Could not put this book down! I loved the fact that Arista got some more character development which she clearly deserved. The narration did justice to the quick pace and strong characters of this story

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Eric Perreault

Very good series.

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Robert P.

An enjoyable story with great characters. The narrator is amazing. One of my all time favorites.

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Lisa C.

Enjoyed this series, and the narrator was excellent!

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Nice ending and it was really fun while it lasted. I wish I had a physical copy of it though. With a lengthy story like this, listening to it is easier but a physical copy would've been a lot more helpful. I'm glad I listened to this though!

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Brittney G.

As with every Riyira book, amazing. A solid, woeful end to an amazing series. Those lost will be remembered. Now I'm off to listen to The Riyira Chronicles.

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Sherry L.

I’ve loved this whole series. Really transported me to another world. This author is excellent and I loved the way he ties everything together. A adventurous fun fantasy but unlike some fantasy novels that get so convoluted with weird words and names, it’s easy to follow. To get the most out of the series it is best to read in order. I actually read the first two chronicle’s prequel first then switched to the revelations, it’s not what is recommended but I found it really flowed well into each other. The the narrator is utterly fantastic.

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Sergio C.

I have SUCH conflicted feelings. So much of this story is telegraphed since Avempartha. However, I say this as someone who read the Age of Myth series first, so some my knowledge is cheating. With that said, that does not stop this story from being filled with tropes and clichés, but since so many of the characters are so engaging and funny, you'll find yourself able to forgive them anyway. This is a wonderful ending to this story if not a little rushed at the end. Some characters get less screen time as the story SPRINTS to an ending. You'll enjoy the fights and the build. Further, the BBEG is ABSOLUTELY wonderful and an amazing followup to the Age of Myth series. The connections, in that way, is what really makes this finale brilliant in my mind. That's where some of the downsides come in. The dwarves feel like an afterthought as a species and in terms of connections to the AoM series. They just kind of exist to show that humans can be prejudice to them even as the elves are prejudice to humanity. Questions are raised about why there are not any artists with no allegiance, why the dwarves couldn't find a safe haven, why, if the elves are so powerful, don't those elves have more of an effect in the world. With all of that said, do not let this stop you from listening. Listen. The story is ABSOLUTELY worth the time if you want a high fantasy story.

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Marilyn S.

I loved this whole series! I want more!

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Rosemary C.

Long book. But worth the effort. Tears laughter and cheers to the author. Just love Royce and Hadrian characters. Have a game room called the rose and thorn. I’ll keep in memory of the series. Narrators good.

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John E.

Excellent conclusion to a very enjoyable serial.

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James P.

It was a good series. I enjoyed it. Well done on the writing and narration.

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Josh P.

This series is wonderful. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in fantasy. Writing and narration are both top notch. Definitely on my top ten lists.

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Paula M.

This was an excellent series!

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What a great series!!!! Hope the Author continues!!! Best series I have listened long time. On par with Harry Potter and Game of thrones(with out the sex and foul language)!!!

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Lynn S.

Really enjoyed it! Sad it ended. Like the narration

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Chasi D.

Pretty awesome if you like fun fantasies that don't take themselves too seriously.

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All ties together and is worth the wait. Fantastic!!!!!

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Jeff H.

Excellent book and narration. I had a hard time stopping it and wanted to just keep on listening.

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Andrea M.

Loved this series and the narrator! Wonderful characters and storyline. So visual.

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Jill V.

I am a new fan. I loved the trilogy and have already bought another. I am saving it for the long flight the New Zealand. The narrator made the characters real. Well done.

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Maryam A.

I really enjoy reading every bit of it

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Patrick Myhand

love this series the warrior and the half elf remind me of cloney and Brad Pitt in the ocean's movie series. great writing

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