Heat Haven

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
4 hours 7 minutes
Welcome to Heat Haven, a facility where Omegas can safely go through their heat alongside pre-screened and carefully selected Alphas.

Emily: My heat is getting closer. With heat suppressants off the table and no pack to call my own in sight, Heat Haven seems to be my only option. Can I be vulnerable enough for Alphas I don't know to help me in my time of need?

Griffin: I want a pack and an Omega to cherish. The problem? I don't like most people and I work too much. Where better to meet someone than a place where you contractually participate in a heat with strangers?

Omega and Alpha pheromones ignite in this spicy novella. With a chance encounter and an upcoming heat, can Emily and Griffin find what they're looking for in each other?

Contains mature themes.
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