Heartless Kingdom

Heartless Kingdom

Written by:
Molly Lavenza
Narrated by:
Jacob Mcnatt
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
5 hours 55 minutes
Two travelers. One treasure. Will feuding twin princesses be the key to finding the priceless riches, or will Soryn and Lucas become casualties of a deadly royal conflict? 

Childhood friends Soryn and Lucas leave their small village in search of adventure, surprised at their good luck when a stranger in a cave tells them of a treasure hidden within the neighboring Kingdom of Dahut. In exchange for a bit of their food, the stranger offers directions on where these riches can be found, leaving out an important detail – the castle in which it is hidden is the home of Dahut's reigning royalty, twin princesses in a violent battle for the queen's crown.  

Will Soryn and Lucas lose themselves in the brutal political fight between Princess Elana and Princess Vivian, or can the two of them preserve their friendship and their lives – while stealing the treasure from the depths of Castle Laurent?  
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