The Healing Way: A Path to Recovery After Abuse

Written by:
Lillie Mae Henley
Narrated by:
Lillie Mae Henley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
2 hours 43 minutes
In The Healing Way I share with you my journey through a life burdened by abuse. My hope is that my journey and all that I learned will be a catalyst for your own growth. If you are read¬ing this, I know you have the desire to live without the pain of abuse. You have the same desire to live a healthy life that everyone has. I also know you have more courage within than you think. And somehow the courage will give you the ability to take the risks necessary to change your life.
By sharing my journey and all the things I learned, I want to bring you hope. Hope that you can recover from abuse and live a healthy, functional life.
In this book, I write about behaviors and attitudes which will help you become a better person. I am not writing about being a good person. Nor am I saying you will become a person who meets others’ expecta¬tions. Becoming a better person means to me, and I hope it begins to mean to you:
a person who is willing to learn new behaviors,
become more self-aware, and
see other perspectives of the pain deep within.

The Healing Way talks about the complexities and dynamics of abuse. The behaviors and practices to learn to become a health¬ier person. Specific steps for healing and simple, human knowledge which we rarely learn from parents, teachers, or peers.
I had to author this book, because I have experienced and seen the pain abuse brings to individ¬uals, our culture, and our world. From my heart, I hope The Healing Way will help you live a more fulfilling life.
Rev. Lillie Henley
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