The Haunting at Goliath Cave

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
3 hours 23 minutes
Goliath Cave is a vast cave system but when reports of missing cavers reach Midas's ears, he knows he has to investigate the strange place. A strange old man named Jonas makes a heartfelt plea about yet another missing visitor to Goliath Cave. Equipped with everything he needs, including Butch who has hundreds of hours logged in for climbing. Midas take the Gulf Coast Paranormal Team to the heart of Alabama, and one of its most beautiful cave systems.

But what waits in the shadows may be something much older than a few ghostly miners. What if the Tommyknockers are real and what if they are warning the team to run, far away? Will they escape this perilous investigation or will they lose another team member. It's all hands on deck for this investigation, including Midas, Cassidy, Sierra, Joshua, Jericho, Butch, and Macie.

Macie has a real problem discerning the dead from the living. Is this truly Jocelyn or someone pretending to be her? Can Cassidy reveal the truth about what lies beneath their feet?
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