The Hands-Off Manager: How to Mentor People and Allow Them to Be Successful

Written by:
Duane Black , Steve Chandler
Narrated by:
Nick Landrum

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2008
5 hours 49 minutes
The #1 reason cited in exit interviews for an employee quitting is 'my manager. Most managers and executives not only aren't aware of this obvious problem but probably wouldn't know what to do about it if they did. In The Hands-Off Manager, Steve Chandler and Duane Black offer a new vision for all managers. With stories, examples, and vibrant activities for the reader to practice, this book shows any manager—new or seasoned—how to coach and mentor employees rather than hover over their shoulders and goad them into action. In this system, each employee's strengths are honored and honed in a climate of partnership and mutual goal-setting. Chandler, whose 100 Ways to Motivate Others is a bestselling favorite with small and large businesses alike, has called The Hands-Off Manager his 'most original work to date' because it finally solves the age-old problem of getting the best performance out of people without frustrating yourself and them.
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