HALO: The Fall of Reach

Written by:
Eric Nylund
Narrated by:
Todd Mclaren

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
11 hours 4 minutes
The New York Times bestselling origin story of the Master Chief—part of the expanded universe based on the award-winning video game series Halo!

The twenty-sixth century. Humanity has expanded beyond Earth’s system to hundreds of planets that colonists now call home. But the United Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command is struggling to control this vast empire. After exhausting all strategies to keep seething colonial insurrections from exploding into a full-blown interplanetary civil war, the UNSC has one last hope. At the Office of Naval Intelligence, Dr. Catherine Halsey has been hard at work on a top-secret program that could bring an end to the conflict…and it starts with seventy-five children, among them a six-year-old boy named John. And Halsey could never guess that this child will eventually become the final hope against an even greater peril engulfing the galaxy—the inexorable confrontation with a theocratic military alliance of alien races known as the Covenant.

This is the electrifying origin story of Spartan John-117—the Master Chief—and of his legendary, unstoppable heroism in leading the resistance against humanity’s possible extinction.
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Josh P.

Loved the book, and the narrators voices for the characters were excellent. The only reason for 4 stars is "Spartan One Seventen"! Otherwise brilliant!

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Kaden R.

Fantastic to listen to! I have played the entire series but never actually read any of the books. This was the first one that I have listened to and I absolutely loved it! It's really awesome to hear more about the Halo universe and understand some of the places, events, and people that have been portrayed in both the game and book.

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Kelly D.

slow at the start, gets better.

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Terry C.

I had watched the first season of Halo, listened to the "The Fall of Reach." I may not watch the second season of Halo as the books are so much better. I thought that the narrator did a good job. Yes, if you like science fiction and action, you will enjoy this book.

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Natal Altamirano Aizpuru

I used to be a huge fan of Halo back when I was in my teens but I never got the chance to read any of the novels (mostly because of my other hobbies). No that it is more accessible in audiobook format, I've enjoyed every bit of Halo as back in the day. It won't be the most groundbreaking sci-fi novel that you can have your hands on, but certainly it's one of the best video game novels out there.

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Jonathan H.

Great book! Outstanding!

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Story is great, it really enthralls you. Somehow, the book makes a galactic naval battle from the perspective of a captain super tense. My only complaint is the narrator’s pronunciation of certain words. If your a fan of the series, his pronunciation will annoy you too.

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Roger C.

it was a entertaining listen

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Rod M.

Put your into Halo or not this is a great scifi book about war and sacrifice. The characters are strong.

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Legitimately the best Halo content ever made

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