Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure

Written by:
Ivan Kal
Narrated by:
Ryan Burke

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
8 hours 16 minutes
Morgan used to be a pretty normal guy. He went to college by day and played online games by night, leading his guild into new conquests-until he got hit by a car, and a dude wearing a wetsuit appeared in front of him. The man offered him a new chance at life in a world that he had created, a world with similar rules to the games that Morgan loved to play. There is the promise of great rewards and power, he says, if Morgan manages to complete the Tower of Power. Stupid name, I know.

Morgan didn't usually trust strangers who seem to have god complexes, but he was in a pinch. There's a crazy-looking dude saying that he is technically not a god on one end of the tunnel, and a blinding light on the other end-and he was really not digging the light.

So he accepted the offer from the surfer god-not-god.

Getting dropped into a strange new world with no idea what the rules are was not something that Morgan was a fan of; and in this strange world, it seems like everything is out to eat his face. It was a good thing, then, that he stumbled onto two half-elf twins willing to help him get the hang of this strange new world.

Now, all he needs to do is survive long enough to reach this Tower.
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Mike B.

Really enjoyed the book the series is really well done!!

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I gave up after less than an hour; I dislike the main character (MC). The first major red flag for me was the MC talking about dating as if the person you date matters less as a person than they do as a means for you to gain social standing. Second, I don’t like how the MC is completely unfazed by being called “master” by someone they’ve never met before. The MC is a John Doe from the real world; why is he comfortable with the idea of servants (slaves?) in the first place, much less being called a master himself?

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Once you get past the first chapter, it really sucks you in. It is easy to misunderstand the main character's ideas on dating at the beginning until you realize that he is completely inexperienced and has no idea how romance and relationships work. Leaving that aside as his character and the story develops, I really love when he is leveling up and seeing how he expends his experience points and builds his character and such. I went ahead and added the rest of the series to my wishlist.

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Mark M.

Awful hard to follow

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Ben P.

MC is a bit of a weeb, but the world building is good, and a fun adventure for RPG fans.

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Wesley M.

it is a good you right in .and it's also enough different to keep you gessing

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Larry F.


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Kevyn F.

It was super easy to visualize the story in my head. Made me feel like I was a player and this was what I was going through, although Morgan is smarter then me :p

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Jacob B.

Great book

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Herbert M.

10 out of 10

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Terrell Pollock

I really couldn't stop listening.

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Anthony J.

great adventure can't wait for the next one. listened to all 4 in 4 days.

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Jacob S.

This book was fantastic. This whole series was a ton of fun to listen to. The 4th book is coming out soon! It’s already on my wish list waiting for the release!

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