Guarded Hearts

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 20 minutes
I hide behind humor . . . Because that's what you do to deflect the traumas of your past-to make people believe you're something you're not. Completely fine. When in fact, you're broken-a shell of the man you want to be.

Despite my past, I made something of myself. As the COO of my best friend's company, I aim to be the best at everything-business, life, in the bedroom. I earned myself an ego in all areas.

Then she walked in. Paisley Drake-the temptation I can't resist. Spirited. Artistic. Seductive. I have to have a taste.

But there's just one problem-one night with her would never be enough.

I'm that guy who always ditches the next morning. Though she's worked her way under my skin, my past haunts me every step of the way. I'm going to hurt her.

But when she leaves, taking a secret with her, will our guarded hearts be open enough for us to find the happiness we least expected?

Contains mature themes.
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Gail R.

Another wonderful book from K E Osborn. I feel like I'm growing with her when she writes she's maturing her romance is becoming so steamy and raunchy and very naughty. Love it I couldn't stop listening to it. Congratulations to the narrators both were very sexy to listen to. You're story telling had me drawn in all the way through.

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