Good Riddance

Written by:
Evan Baldock
Narrated by:
Sophie Aldred

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
9 hours 18 minutes
Plenty of retirees have hobbies; Gloria's just happens to be murderous . . . An entertaining new crime thriller by the author of Bang Bang, You're Dead.

At this stage of her life, Gloria Jones just wants peace, quiet, and as little stress as possible. But her habit of helping others in need is hard to break—even when it gets her into trouble.

So when Gloria encounters a distraught young girl and learns about a shadowy London gang of human traffickers exploiting women, she simply can't let such injustice stand. After all, it's not the first time she has stopped vicious criminals from hurting someone . . .

Then again, her health isn't what it used to be—and this time, there's a distinct possibility she could wind up dead . . .
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Megan D.

A bit too predictable and formulaic. Struggled to really bond with any characters and didn't find the narrator's voice engaging or pleasing.

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Sandy P.

The story was shallow, predictable, and did not get me engaged with the personalities. It was like a program wrote it - and maybe not even a program as good as an AI. Need a protoganist, check, villians, check. Villians must be cardboard comic book characters with no redeeming values whatever, so the violence can be perfunctory. The reader on the other hand was so amazing I listened to the end anyway.

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Marie P.

Great story and voices. Perfect distraction!

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Michael Hermelijn

the story was delightful and kept me entertained all the way. the narrator kept its lively and gave most charactors a distinct voice.

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elle nelson

did not like this one at all.

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