A Good Day for a Massacre

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
11 hours 45 minutes
Johnstone Country. Where it's never quiet on the Western front.

Life on the straight and narrow is easier said than done for a pair of crooks like Jimmy 'Slash' Braddock and Melvin 'Pecos Kid' Baker. But these reprobates are doing their damnedest to make an honest go of it. They've managed to safely deliver a church organ to a mountain parish when their sometime employer-Chief US Marshal Luther T. 'Bleed-'m-So' Bledsoe-recruits them for a job only fools would take.

Marshal Bledsoe wants them to pick up a shipment of gold in the mining town in the Sawatch Mountains. Here's the catch: Slash and Pecos's wagon is just a decoy. When a ruthless gang ambushes the real gold shipment, it's up to Slash and Pecos to go after the trigger-happy bandits. And they won't be alone. A lady Pinkerton, Hattie Friendly-who is anything but-survived the ambush and is hellbent on getting the gold back. Even if she has to team up with a pair of ornery old cutthroats like Slash and Pecos . . .

The Cutthroats are back. The bad guys are history.
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