God's Power to Change Your Life

Written by:
Rick Warren
Narrated by:
J. Charles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2006
4 hours 51 minutes
In all of the years that Rick Warren has been a pastor, the number one question he's asked is 'Why can't I change?' We want to make changes, but we often feel stuck. Let God's Power to Change Your Life be the first step on your journey to getting out of your rut and back into God's wonderful purposes for your life.

It's no pie-in-the-sky theory. It's what redemption is about, and it's founded on the resurrection power of Jesus himself. Drawing simple but powerful truths from the Bible, this book gives you practical guidance for specific types of change and empowers you to actually make lasting the changes that you're longing for.

Power that cancels your past and sets you free to get on with life. Power to conquer your problems. Power to change. The first two chapters help you lay the foundations for change. Then, taking you inside the Scriptures, Warren gives you a closer look at the fruits of the spirit and the profound impact they can have on your life.

In God's Power to Change Your Life, Warren gives you the tools and the encouragement you need to:

- Become a more joyful person
- Cultivate a peaceful life in this uptight world
- Be a kinder, more gracious individual
- Replace self-indulgence with self-control
- Experience what 'the good life' is all about


As Warren reminds us, when you apply the truth of God's Word by the power of his Spirit, your life is sure to change.
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