A Gift of Dragons

Written by:
Anne McCaffrey
Narrated by:
Lee Meriweather

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2002
5 hours 45 minutes
For more than thirty years, Pern has conjured visions of brave men and women mounted upon the backs of dragons. As anyone knows who has been touched by the storytelling magic of Anne McCaffrey, to read of the exotic world of Pern is to inhabit it—and to experience its extraordinary dragons is to soar aloft with them and share their dazzling adventures.

Now, A Gift of Dragons brings together three beloved stories and a thrilling new tale of Pern in a single volume.

In “The Smallest Dragonboy,” Keevan is the youngest dragonrider candidate, determined to impress a dragon when the next clutch of eggs hatches. But what transpires will surprise everyone—Keevan most of all.

In “The Girl Who Heard Dragons,” a young girl’s rare ability to communicate with dragons puts her family in danger and will bring her face to face with her greatest fears—and with her most secret desire.

The “Runner of Pern” is a girl named Tenna, who follows family tradition by delivering messages—and who will find her destiny on the mossy traces that runners have used for centuries under the dragon-filled sky.

And finally, a very special gift: an exciting new Pern adventure, published here for the first time, fresh from the imagination of Anne McCaffrey.
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This is actually a collection of short stories that all follow the same theme. The stories themselves are okay but there is no action...no suspense...no romance...nothing of real interest except the choosing for riders by newly hatched dragons. It's not really a bad listen if you like that sort of thing but it's not what I was looking for.

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Gina Meyers

Loved it!! Classic McCaffrey!! Leaves me wanting more!!!!!

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Nikhil Rathod

Out of the 3 stories that I heard so far, the quality of only the one about Keevan becoming a dragon-rider is good. Additionally, the quality of narration is low-key. The changing of voices for different characters is also not done very well. The resultant effect is almost sleep-inducing, which is not what you want while driving. I am giving it 2 & 1 only because of the quality of the Keevan story.

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Bev Berry

I liked it. I had not ever read any of these books but will probably look for more of them in the future.

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Jason C

Overall a decent listen, but I wouldn't top your bookshelf with it. My main complaints are the reader and the far-to-typical content of the stories; both decent at best.

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A great collection of Dragon related stories. The best is "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"

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Kris Sellers

I was disappointed in the new tale. It did not follow dragon-lore as Ms. McCaffrey has described it in other books. (ie... Not knowing which egg belongs to the Queen dragonet; Dragons being able to talk to anyone, if they want too; Female riders of non-queens being the norm; etc) Just very different. Other than that, very enjoyable story plots. Nice short stories. Lee Merriweather does a good narration.

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Talmadge V Vessels Jr

Another fine tale from the Mistress of Pern. If you enjoy dragons and the magical spell your own mind weaves when you just think about such creatures then this is the story you should read or listen to next. Enjoy the journey and the spell only McCaffrey can spin. This one deserves a big "YES" vote.

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Robin Miller

I found this to be an engaging collection of Pernese short stories. Several of them, like the Runner of Pern, showed a different side to Pern life than just the usual dragonrider fare.

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Catherine Franchett

It has been a while since I read the dragon books and this audio book brought back the wonderful world of Pern. Definately a joy to listen to.

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Dard Niethammer

I love Pern. This book is unique because it offers several different stories in one book rather than being a novel. Each of the stories was very good and added to the Pern tale as a whole. I would love to have had more on each story - like how Keevan faired as a dragonrider and more on the girl who heard dragons. Cannot wait to listen to the next Dragonrider book!

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Joey Amrhein

As always, McCaffrey brings the world of Pern alive with her creative style. If you've never read any Pern books, I wouldn't start with this one, but once you've been introduced, this is well worth the read.

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As always, Anne McCaffrey has captured the reader with her stories of Pern and the beautiful dragons. This is a must read.

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Great set of short stories. Alwas a twist. You'll enjoy them, especially for short trips.

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I've loved Anne McCaffrey for a long time now. This collection of short stories is some good stuff, but not her best. Not all of them are that interesting and I have no interest in runners (the human kind). Anne should stick to her Pernese dragons because that's what most of her fans love. Well, that and Killashandra and the crystal singers and Helva and... Still and all, it was a good diversion from traffic and probably a good smattering of Anne's Pernese tales for the uninitiated. Try it, you might like it.

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Stories are quaint, long and slow. If you are a fan of McCaffrey you will enjoy them.

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Ithis was a very nice collection of stories. I only wish there were more, or some of the stories were made into novels.

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If you are a big fan of Anne McCaffery, this fills in some interesting background in her very, very detailed world that she has created around the Dragon Rider series. But, if you are not familiar with that world, then you will merely be baffled by this. This is not her best work, but certainly fills in some bits and pieces. A worthwhile way to waste some time if you are a fan of the dragons of Pern, but meaningless if you are not.

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Ralph M

On the positive side, the world the author creates is full of imagination and wonder but the stories themselves don't quite measure up. Kids may really enjoy these stories but, unlike the Harry Potter series, there isn't enough there to captivate adults. The problem is escalated by Lee Meriwether's calm, parental reading tone which seems directly aimed at children.

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Sue from Portland

If you like Anne McCaffrey, you'll enjoy this book of short stories. Some of them seem seminal to the plots of her novels, and some just a nice addition to her body of work.

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