The Ghost Who Wasn't

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
9 hours 13 minutes
When a local heiress goes missing, Danielle discovers it's not always possible to distinguish the living from the dead. To complicate matters, it seems Danielle is not the only one who communicates with spirits. Her new guest claims to hear Walt. But, something's not quite right with Marlow House's newest medium.

Danielle must move quickly before her best friend joins the spirit world.
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A Multi-Layered Ghostly Mystery I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. This is only the third story I’ve experienced written by Bobbi Holmes but I like her cosy writing style. The pace of this tale was steady and I enjoyed how Bobbi revealed the new characters’ personalities and plot threads to us as the story progressed. Although The Ghost Who Wasn’t is the third story in the Haunting Danielle series, I don’t think you have to have listened to the first one before starting this adventure. I enjoyed going back to Marlow House and getting to know the folks of Fredericksport better. Our protagonist, Danielle Boatman, continues to exhibit many of the personality traits that I love. She’s an intelligent woman, whose curiosity sometimes leads her into dangerous situations. However, Danielle isn’t fool-hardy and I love her kind-heartedness and determination. There are lots of supporting characters in this series, showcasing lots of different personalities and complexities. Some are regular features, while others just make an appearance as part of the current story. Danielle’s bestie, Lily, has quite the adventure in this book and I liked how it affected her character.

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I’m obsessed with these books. They’re so entertaining and the reader is wonderful!

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Grisel Rahl

love these books...Walt is my favorite character....great story!!

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Jackie K.

It was a great read and the narrator was just great, the story was great..

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Carrie H.

Ok story. I have a hard time with the Joe Morelli character in this series. I don't like him very much. Although, a character with the same name is one of my favorites in another series. I have a hard time reconciling the two.

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Laurie R.

Just a fun listen.

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