The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2017
9 hours 13 minutes
Everything is right on track for Danielle as she prepares for the grand opening of her bed and breakfast. All that changes when her cousin, Cheryl, shows up to claim her share of the inheritance-housemate Lily figures out there is a ghost in the house-and the million-dollar necklace goes missing.

There is blood on someone's hands, and if Danielle isn't careful, she'll be moving from Marlow House to the Big House.
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Elizabeth M.

Book 2 done 27 more to go. Love this series and the narrator.

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A Classic Cozy “Who-Dun-It?” Mystery I really enjoyed this audiobook. This is only the second story I’ve experienced written by Bobbi Holmes but I like her cosy writing style. The pace of this tale was steady and I enjoyed how Bobbi revealed the new characters’ personalities and plot to us as the story progressed. Although The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds is the second story in the Haunting Danielle series, I don’t think you have to have listened to the first one before starting this adventure. I really enjoyed meeting all the characters Bobbi created – loved the frustration and suspicion a couple of them generated too. Our protagonist, Danielle Boatman, exhibited many of the personality traits that I love. She showed herself to be intelligent, with a good dose of curiosity balanced with wariness, and very kind-hearted. The supporting characters in this story is a diverse group, showcasing lots of different personalities and complexities. Danielle’s bestie, Lily, is quite a character and at times amused and frustrated me in equal measure.

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Ami M.

I’m very much enjoying this series. Nice mix of mystery and paranormal. Good narration.

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It is a fun book to listen to

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