The Ghost of Halloween Past

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
9 hours 19 minutes
Spending Halloween in a haunted house is nothing out of the ordinary for Danielle and Lily. After all, Marlow House Bed & Breakfast has its own full-time ghost. But there is another haunted house in Frederickport, Oregon. Yet, its ghost only shows up on Halloween. Why just once a year? And how is this frightening spirit connected to all that's happened to Danielle since she arrived in town?

As Danielle tries to sort through the Halloween haunting, Sadie the golden retriever has her own issues-a mysterious cat who seems even more adept than Sadie at communicating with spirits.
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Wendy A.

I enjoy the series and the characters. The books are pleasant and humorous. Easy read. Easy listen.

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It's bizarre to listen to the conversations and discussion of any tech and not be distracted by how out of touch the author is. It's not that big of a deal, but it feels so distracting from the story at times. The main reason I'm knocking off 2 stars is the constant misogyny. I get Walt's perspective and reasoning behind his crassness but it feels so disgusting making every male character also misogynistic in their male gaze and also how the author described the receptionist. it should be a fun, light read. However, we have come so far in just the last 10 years it feels completely out of date. I'm stopping at this book.

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