Genocide of One: A Thriller

Written by:
Kazuaki Takano
Narrated by:
Joe Knezevich

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2014
19 hours 0 minutes
The internationally bestselling, award-winning Japanese thriller about a child who may be the future of the human race -- or the cause of its extinction.

During a briefing in Washington D.C., the President is informed of a threat to national security: a three-year-old boy named Akili, who is already the smartest being on the planet. Representing the next step in human evolution, Akili can perceive patterns and predict future events better than most supercomputers, and is capable of manipulating grand-scale events like pieces on a chess board. And yet, for all that power, Akili has the emotional maturity of a child -- which might make him the most dangerous threat humanity has ever faced.

An American soldier, Jonathan Yeager, leads an international team of elite operatives deep into the heart of the Congolese jungle under Presidential orders to destroy this threat to humanity before Akili's full potential can be realized. But Yeager has a very sick child, and Akili's advanced knowledge of all things, medicine included, may be Yeager's only hope for saving his son's life. Soon Yeager finds himself caught between following his orders and saving a creature with a hidden agenda, who plans to either save humanity as we know it -- or destroy it.
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Mikell Yamada

It got a little sensational toward the end, but entertaining enough to listen all the way through.

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Bryant Koshu

Definitely recommend to any thriller lovers. Made my palms sweat many times listening in the car. I wish there is a sequel, or another novel written by master kazuaki takano. I am forever fan of your work now.

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