Garden of Serpents [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Demon Queen Trials 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 6 minutes
'Once, Orion and I were lovers. Then, the gorgeous demon king broke my heart. He kicked me out of the City of Thorns, exiling me to the mortal world.
Now, I have plans to get back at him--and save the world while I'm at it. Orion wants revenge on all the mortals. If I steal his crown, I can stop the bloodshed. All I have to do is beat him in a series of trials, proving that the gods chose me as queen.
But Orion seems determined to seduce me with his apologies and sensual charm. And the fact is? He's hard to resist. In the City of Thorns, nothing is ever as it seems, but figuring out who to trust is the most important trial of all. Because if I get it wrong, I'll have the blood of thousands on my hands.
Performed by Laura C. Harris, Gabriel Michael, Shanta Parasuraman, Bradley Foster Smith, Robb Moreira, Colleen Delany, Daniel Llaca, Elena Anderson, Eric Messner, Holly Adams, James Konicek, Ken Jackson, Matthew Pauli, Michael John Casey, Nanette Savard, Scott McCormick and Yasmin Tuazon.'
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