G.F. Newman’s The Corrupted: Series 3 and 4: A BBC Radio full-cast crime drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
14 hours 35 minutes
The third and fourth series of the criminal family saga, based on G. F. Newman's bestselling novels

'Terrific listening' The Independent

1971. As Ted Heath's government presides over the collapse of Rolls Royce, and Britain goes over to decimalisation, Brian Oldman is locked up in Brixton Prison.

Joseph Oldman pulls every corrupt string in a desperate attempt to get him released; yet no sooner is Brian out, than he finds himself back inside. Joseph, however, is on the up: expanding his business through dodgy deals with a Colombian drug cartel, and making friends in high places, including Lord Goodman and Margaret Thatcher. Entering the murky world of politics, he becomes an MP, and reverts to his old surname, Olinska.

But just as he is about to receive a knighthood, putting the final seal on his acceptance into the Establishment, he receives news that could ruin everything. Brian, facing a life sentence for a murder he didn't commit, is launching an appeal. He knows who the real guilty party is - Joseph - and he's determined to prove it...

Blending fact and fiction to gripping effect, The Corrupted charts the story of the Oldman family against a backdrop of a revolution in crime, as the underworld extends its reach into the highest echelons of society. Adapted by award-winning writer G. F. Newman (Law and Order, Judge John Deed) from his own acclaimed books, it stars Toby Jones as Joseph, with Izabella Urbanowicz as Cath, Joe Armstrong as Brian and a full cast including Jasmine Hyde, Richard Wilson and Steve Nallon.

NB: Contains violence, scenes of a sexual nature, prejudicial dialogue and attitudes prevalent in the time in which the events depicted took place

Created by G. F. Newman
Characters based on G. F. Newman's novels
Produced and directed by Clive Brill
A Brill production for BBC Radio 4

Joseph Oldman/Olinska - Toby Jones
Brian Oldman - Joe Armstrong
Cath - Izabella Urbanowicz
Jack - Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Tony Wednesday/Michael O'Dell - Alec Newman
Margaret Courtney - Flora Montgomery
Leah Cohen - Jasmine Hyde
Lord Goodman/Gerald Ronson - Edward Max
DCI Fenwick - Theo Fraser Steele
Ken Drury/Sir Donald/Warder DeWitt - Matthew Marsh
Sir Ralph Courtney - Nick Sampson
Margaret Thatcher/Denis Thatcher - Steve Nallon
Bobby Brown/John Bindon/Warder Shenton - Charles Davies
Charlie Peck/Terry Parrish- Patrick Marlowe
Terry Lynch/Terry Bishop - Sam Donnelly
DCS Slipper - Mark Perry
John Redvers - Joseph Kloska
Senor Ortega/Jose Picado/Mr Wilkes - Will Harrison-Wallace
Pongo - David Ajao
Mo Thompson/Doreen/Sonia - Suzanne Proctor
Sonia/Doreen - Lotte Rice
Julian Tyrwhitt - Jonathan Tafler
Yvonne/Clair Hamil - Susie Emmett
DCI Robertson/Kevin Wheeler - Lucas Hare
Sir Robert Mark - Patrick Cremin
Franco/Simon Hatfield - Joshua Akehurst
Claude Dobbs/Airey Neave - Jonathan Rigby
Lionel Smith/Andrew McDowell - Kieron Jecchinis
Martha - Serena Jennings
Girls - Matilda & Bethany Suett
DC Baldwin - Tom Dawze
Judge Melford Stevenson - Richard Wilson
George Carman QC/Hank Nolan/AC Roland - Nigel Cooke
AC Jennings/Brian Perry/Ernest Saunders/Dr Rickard - Nicholas Murchie
Robert Gallo - William Meredith
Harding/Commissionaire - Simon Pontin
Jack Lynn/Bobby Mark - Ben Jacobson
Paul Newman - David John
Sir Roger Berry - Jamie Newall
Donnie James - John Hollingworth
Other parts played by members of the cast

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 9-20 January 2017 (Series 3), 25 June-6 July 2018 (Series 4)

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