The Frontier Overland Company

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
9 hours 40 minutes
Founded in 1866, The Frontier Overland Company was no ordinary stagecoach operation. To begin with, its founding partners met in a Wyoming saloon brawl. After a raucous burst of punching, cursing, and chair smashing, the last two men standing become friends for life. Two kindred souls with the same fighting spirit, Tucker Cobb and former Texas Ranger Butch Keeling agreed to launch a business together: a brand-new stagecoach line through the wilds of Wyoming . . .

They called it the Frontier Overland Company. And a legend was born.

Cobb and Keeling knew it wouldn't be easy. The nation was still healing from the War Between the States. Red Cloud's War-an armed alliance of Lakota, Northern Cheyennes, and Northern Apaho against the United States-was heating up fast. And wealthy railroad magnates were itching to lay track for their western expansion to the Pacific. But it was one ruthless businessman-King Charles Hagen-who posed the biggest danger of all. He saw Cobb and Keeling's fledging company as a direct threat to his growing shipping empire. And, unfortunately for them, he decided to squash their little stagecoach business while they're escorting a young woman to see her dying father, an army colonel, at a Wyoming fort. With Red Cloud on the warpath, Wyoming Territory is about to become hell on earth.
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