From These Ashes

Written by:
Davidson King
Narrated by:
Joel Leslie , Philip Alces

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
5 hours 54 minutes
A product of his past, Black spends half his time saving lives and the other half taking them. Every day, a hard choice must be made and he's the man to make it. Long ago, he vowed to never love again; one-night stands with a willing body was all he ever needed. But along came Quill, and Black's life is irrevocably changed. He never expects something as simple as Quill's persistence to alter the way he not only sees the world, but how he lives it.

Quill has bad taste in men and equally horrible luck. Growing up wasn't easy, surviving is even harder. When his past and present collide, he's convinced he'll finally witness his own destruction. But when an unlikely antihero steps in to protect him, his life is turned on its head. He's spent months flirting with the man of his dreams and hoping he'd take notice. But it turns out, being on Black's radar isn't all it's cracked up to be, and his idea of protection varies greatly from Quill's.

Unknowingly sharing the same goal-burying their own pasts deeper than the fires of hell can reach-they're both unaware that jumping into that fire will do more than ignite their feelings, it could lead to their own demise.

Contains mature themes.
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Annika E.

I would say that From These Ashes could be read on its own if you haven’t read any of the previous ones. There are brief mentions of past characters, but nothing intrusive or anything that will have you wondering what you have missed. Then again, if you do skip them you are missing out on a lot of fun. I have been looking forward to reading this story ever since we first met Quill. There was a spark between him and Black that I just wanted to explore. I – and probably almost everyone in his life adored Quill. He was cute, fun and sassy and just my kind of guy. Black on the other hand tried hard to be stoic and standoffish. Both are trying to keep others at arm’s length, to keep from getting hurt or for others being hurt. Both are troubled and haunted by their past and past mistakes. It’s shaped them into the men they are today. From These Ashes was for the most part a sweet story – well as sweet and cuddly book with assassins could be I guess. But what I mean was, there were no real dark moments, no horror. Some angst and a few violent ones, but nothing dark. Like the previous stories, it’s not one that claims to be true to reality. It’s one meant to entertain – and it does from beginning to end. I love this narration duo! Philip Alces and Joel Leslie were perfect for Quill and Black, I mean they were Quill and Black. I could see them before me when Alces and Leslie spoke. It’s rare that the narration fit so perfectly. Another thing that I loved was how beautifully they work together. It’s effortless and seamless and so smooth when they switch off you don’t really notice it. Well, you notice that the POV is switching and the voices change, but the essence of the book and characters never leave. It stays the same and throughout. So does the pacing and tone. I’m also eternally grateful that the volume editing was much better this time around. There was no change in volume between the narrations – or at least one that you’d notice. I hope that Alces and Leslie will continue to create many more audiobooks together in the future, because this was pure bliss and I can’t wait to hear more of them. A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review for Love Bytes.

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