Written by:
Andy Mientus

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
10 hours 4 minutes
A mysterious boarding school … a brotherhood in the shadows … and an ancient evil that could tear it all apart.
In the fall of Nineteen Ninety-One, Zooey Orson transfers to the Blackfriars School for Boys hoping for a fresh start following a scandal at his last school. But as he soon learns, he isn’t the only Blackfriars student with something to hide.
Zooey is taken in by the Vicious Circle: the school’s secret gay club that goes back decades. He meets handsome jock Daniel, who treads social boundaries; flamboyant Leo, who can’t hide who he is; and stoic Steven, brilliant and hard to
get to know. Zooey starts to feel like he belongs—except for the bullies who immediately sniff him out and the constant threat of exposure.
But then the boys happen upon the headmaster’s copy of an arcane occult text.
To protect themselves from a world that seems like it will never accept them, they unleash an eldritch secret so terrible, it threatens to consume them all.
Set during the still-raging AIDS crisis, Fraternity examines a time not so long ago when secret brotherhoods lurked in the shadows—and a group of boys learn how far they’re willing to go to protect their found family.
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