Fractured Secrets

Fractured Secrets

Written by:
Haley Jenner
Narrated by:
Veronica Fox , Jason Clarke
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
13 hours 53 minutes
Gabriella Ferrari is new to the mafia life.

Following the devastating loss of her mother, and with no other options, Gabriella seeks out the morally gray men her mother begged her to avoid.

A family found in mourning, Gabriella struggles to live within the confines of the fractured secrets her mother bestowed upon her.

She's traded one prison for another. Yet, while protecting her life is a reality she's all too familiar with, guarding her heart never even crossed her mind.

Standing at the altar, forcefully betrothed to one man, she pledges her life to another. A man she despises. Her brother's best friend and the head of the family.

Lorenzo Caruso may be a boss, but she'd sooner stomp on her own heart than hand it to him, even if she does like the way he makes her feel behind closed doors.

Up for the challenge and accustomed to getting what he wants, Lorenzo is determined to hold the little liar's heart in his hands before she even realizes it's missing.

The question is... what does he plan to do with it once he's claimed it...
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