Fortune Favors the Cruel

Written by:
Lucinda Dark , Kel Carpenter
Narrated by:
Amy Mcfadden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
9 hours 0 minutes
Throne of Glass meets Black Jewels in this twisted yet alluring dark fantasy tale.

Quinn Darkova, freed from the chains of slavery, wants nothing more than vengeance against those who sold her. But with her dark powers on the rise and her ascension nearing, Quinn's blood retribution will have to wait in favor of her immediate survival.

Lazarus Fierte is a nobleman without equal. He's as controlling as he is stubborn, and for the last six years he's been waiting for a woman to appear-but not just any woman. A Maji of great power, capable of terrible things. She could be the key to everything he holds dear.

His savior . . . or his destroyer. The only thing he didn't predict was that she would become both.

Contains mature themes.
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Chloe C.

Love the story!!! Love the narrator!!

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Letty Mlouk

soo good !

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Francois S.

It’s was a fun book. It takes a while to figure out what’s going on and kind of ends on a cliffhanger but well worth a listen. I like how the author has made the magical characters her own.

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Racquelle M

Really enjoyed this darker than my usual fantasy reads. The characters are believable and very intriguing on their own and as a group. I can't wait to read the second installment.

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Ariel C.

I couldn't get into the story right off the bat. But the more I listened the more I got into it. The last ~40 minutes were the best for me. And the cliffhanger ending was definitely the reason I got the second book.The narrator is also great with all the accents and voice changes to portray not only different characters but characters who are from other areas.

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Darya R.

Such an interesting book. If it was a hardcover I’d call it a page turner. Do yourselves a favor and listen to that book. The narrator is AMAZING. Took me a while to get use to the way she pronounce some words but once I did, the experience of the book got a lot better. She uses so many different voices and laughs and coughs and overall gives you the sensation of a movie inside your head.

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Ashley B.

I loved this book so I was happy to pick up the audiobook as well. Narrator did a great job!

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Alexis L.

good audio book. Couldnt stop listening to it. five star book

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