Forget Me Not

Written by:
Felice Stevens
Narrated by:
Tristan James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
9 hours 35 minutes
Texas cowboy Shea Montgomery has plans. Big plans. Still mourning the loss of his beloved father, he’s finally ready to sell the Forget Me Not ranch. He’s dusting off his boots, packing up his cowboy hat, and moving to New York City to make his dreams come true. So what if he won’t have his horse to ride or a place to call home? He’ll make it work. Somehow. First, he has to deal with a bunch of corporate types who don’t know the front end of a horse from the back. Especially this one guy who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Or out of Shea’s mind.
Jake Axelrod’s perfect family is shattered when his daughter stops speaking and his husband ends their marriage. Two years later, she remains locked in silence, and Jake has closed himself off. His life is structured to the minute, and Jake is convinced he’ll be alone forever, until he’s forced to attend a company retreat at a dude ranch in Texas, where he meets a cowboy who sends him spinning out of control.
Jake can’t help his horse, out of a rowboat, and into Shea’s arms.
And Shea is more than willing to catch him.
Neither man wants to let go, and the time they spend together only makes it harder to be apart. A decision needs to be made: work it out or say good-bye. Jake’s life is in New York, but he can’t walk away from Shea or the ranch, and Shea must decide if the dream of a lifetime will lead him right back to the place where he started - where his heart belongs.
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