Forbidden Mate: The Royal Shifters

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
8 hours 32 minutes
Goal: Topple a powerful man.

Reality: He lands on top of you.

Nyx was supposed to bring down the strongest Royal feline on the Shifter Council. Not fall in love with Anton Alexander.

But living in the same house with the arrogant, aloof male changed her ambitions. Except the plans she set in motion can't be as easily altered as her heart.

Never date your employee. The simple rule should've saved Anton from falling under Nyx's spell. But Nyx isn't just a secretary. And he never expected his true mate would try to implicate him in a crime.

When the real murderer comes after both of them, Anton has no choice but to embrace his primal side. Hunt or be hunted. And a Royal never loses.

Contains mature themes.
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