Forbidden Love - The Lesbian Poets - Volume 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
1 hour 55 minutes
In the last few decades secular society has become more tolerant of homosexuality. Now, in the West, we live in a time when to be gay is a matter of fact rather than a despised and criminal act. We celebrate sexual diversity but for much of the centuries past, religious interpretations and society's dogma have placed this 'forbidden love' into hell on earth; unable to be fully expressed or accepted. Poets went to unusual lengths at times to disguise their intentions. With camouflage and veil, their lines were accepted for what they said not for their intent. Indeed the word 'Lesbian' did not even gain acceptance in the OED until 1976.In this volume we gather together verse from Lesbian poets that is deeply personal and at times overwhelming. It is not just a search for physical love but a journey through the spiritual to completeness, to becoming whole.However we recognise that the label Lesbian might be anachronistic and so also include those who stand by their side, or who have a view in verse that helps us to revel in their love. For in the end that is all our journey is about. This volume comes to you from Portable Poetry, a specialized imprint from Deadtree Publishing. Our range is large and growing and covers single poets, themes, and many compilations.
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