The Flaw in Our Design

Written by:
Monica Mccallan
Narrated by:
Lori Prince

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
11 hours 47 minutes
Olivia Carver's life in Lake Cabot, New York, is simple. That's how she likes it, even if she can't stop the town she loves from being overrun by wealthy tourists each summer. When she's not working at her family's paddleboard shop or spending time with her lovable but infuriating brothers, she puts her energy into writing professionally, a dream that has yet to materialize.

Valerie Maycomb used to summer in Lake Cabot with her family when she was younger, until school and planning for her future became the driving forces in her existence. For the first time in years, following her college graduation, she's spending a few months in the small, lakeside town she loved as a child. All she wants is a little time to decompress before law school in the fall and maybe even strike up the courage to talk to a woman.

A chance meeting at the lake opens up the possibility of a summer romance, with the explicit understanding that it can't become something more. Olivia's not built for falling in love, and Val needs to keep her eye on the prize of a successful career. But neither of them can deny the attraction, and summer quickly takes on a life of its own.

Contains mature themes.
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Margaret B.

I liked this book. The plot and characters were good. They had depth and acted in reasonable ways. The main characters are really young, but we saw them mature. I loved how the title was woven into the plot. I hope this isn't a spoiler, but the characters did spend lots of time apart. I especially liked Val's trajectory and the life she built for herself. I'm glad Val's parents weren't true villains. That is too often the case and usually isn't necessary. I also liked Olivia's coming of age, but somehow I wasn't as invested in it, but I did like her life and how she also built it for herself, for the most part. I just wish the author had shown more of Olivia's aspect as a writer. We know she writes, but we don't really see it happen. This is a romance between new adults that have both been formed by their life experiences. I have hope for them and confidence in their future together. I listened to the audiobook version and really enjoyed it. The narrator is really good and makes the characters come alive. There were a few errors in the writing and a few pronunciation errors (realization, anecdotes) but much less than I've come to expect. There were a few instances where I turned to the ebook version to make out what was said, but that's probably more a flaw in my listening than in the writing or narration.

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