The Fix Is In

Written by:
Mary Calmes
Narrated by:
Tristan James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
8 hours 10 minutes
Why his boss at Torus Intercession chose him to figure out who may, or may not, be trying to kill Benjamin Grace, is beyond Shaw James. Protecting a paranormal investigator from whoever-or whatever-may be trying to kill him is completely out of Shaw's wheelhouse, and how is he supposed to help find an attacker when the guy he's sent to protect maintains that the threat is ghostly in origin? It's insane, and Shaw does not do insane. Benjamin Grace is going to be a problem.

But Benji is nothing at all like Shaw imagined he'd be, and the fixer is spellbound from their first meeting. Benji is kind and can laugh at himself, doesn't take things too seriously, and, more than anything, he wants to help everyone. The man is inarguably Shaw's polar opposite, and he brings out every protective instinct in Shaw.

Together, Benji and Shaw must work to figure out what's happening in the small town of Rune, Oregon, and it quickly proves more difficult than it should be to keep Benji alive. When it goes from difficult to seemingly impossible, Shaw packs Benji up and takes him back home to Chicago, where the most frightening thing is Shaw's own big, loud, loving, and overly-invested-in-his-love-life family who can't seem to resist meddling in his affairs. Or not. Turns out the scariest thing might just be Benji, the guy who seems perfect for Shaw.
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