First Earl I See Tonight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
10 hours 15 minutes
A charming, delightful new regency romance series from author on the rise, Anna Bennett! She needed a husband of convenience. She got her one true love instead.Miss Fiona Hartley's huge dowry should have ensured that finding a husband would be quick. True, she's a tad older than the average debutante, and spends too much time sketching brutally honest character portraits. She desperately needs a husband so she can access her dowry, lest the man blackmailing her reveals a secret that would ruin her family. So desperate in fact, that she's willing to do the unthinkable-propose marriage to the most surly, irritable gentleman in town.As a matter of principle, David Gray, the Earl of Somerdale, avoids two types of women: those who are obviously desperate, and those who are stark-raving mad. And it soundly appears Miss Fiona Hartley is both. Yet David can't help but be drawn to her, and gives her a test-if she can spend one week in his dilapidated estate-the same one that caused his previous fiancee to jilt him-then he'll consider her proposal. But as the week goes on, Fiona's refreshing wit finds a way into his heart. What started out as a marriage of convenience has turned into love...but will Fiona have him for the rest of her days?
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very good, started a little slow but the story draws you in towards the ends.

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Brittany W.

I feel this book was captivating. Fair warning it does have a few sex scenes. I experience how the character must after each encounter though (from hot to cold like that). The characters are witty and had me laughing embarrassingly loud at work. The blackmail aspect of this book kept me intrigued through all of the Romance. My heart raced from darkened desire to darkened intensions. The narrator has a nice voice and I felt very sad that the Fortress is not real, i would love to have seen it in real life.

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Lauren N.

This series is so clever, spunky and fun. Just enough love scenes that are tastefully done and keep you intrigued. Rich female characters in a beautiful time period and male chars here’s that are and aren’t what you want them to be. Went through them quick as I wanted the story to keep going on! If you like a good love story but enjoy the thrill and chase of getting there, these are wonderful reads

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Pleasant frivolous listening. Enjoyable

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Marita W.

again all erotica no romance ... all it takes is good sex wow they're in love

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enjoyed this book. not boring.

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Jenny D.

this book is a good read

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Siobhan F.

Easy listening

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Frances N.

Narrator was great and I enjoyed the interaction between the two main characters.,,,,,a male Gray would have been nice though! What I struggled with was the repetition (including the sex scenes!!) and the inconsistencies.......The early chapter headings were pithy and gave a hint of what was ahead, but these were not maintained. What was good was the historical accuracy and the description of the settings-I could really imagine the Fortress as a tumble down mansion that was an 19th Century money pit. Some of the background information surrounding Gray's father was left undeveloped and there were a few cliches that jarred and did not move the story forward e.g return of love rival and the character of Fiona's father........I found myself visualising the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice at many a point-not a bad thing in some respects! However, the author is new to me and I will seek out another read or listen!

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Mihaela D.

Good book and narrator

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Lisa Anderson

I did enjoy this audio book. The story kept me intrested. The only thing I would have liked better was to have a male voice narrating the male parts. It's very hard to listen to a romantic scene when the woman is playing both parts. It did keep me intrested all the way through I will look for more titles by this author.

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