Fire and Fury

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
5 hours 19 minutes
This is the final stand for Vale and its system against the Komran Empire.

The council doesn’t even want to call it a war, but the Vale General and Sergeant of the Army have a plan. They needed one ugly marine when the Komran were getting aggressive, but now that the enemy are here in force, they need as many as they can get.

Much to his chagrin, Joe is pulled from the fighting. His help is needed as the older soldiers and technicians are thawed out from the cryo storage.

The military leaders have to deal with leading the military campaign and the general populace as they become the highest powers on Vale.

The council and many of the citizens are afraid of the consequences of ceding control to those whose interests have always been focused on responding to threats by hitting back harder.

But this is war. The only way to avoid defeat is to accept extreme measures.

Joe has hundreds of troops that he needs to help get in gear. It’s a huge step up from squad leader. It isn’t easy going, but when has life ever offered him a smooth path?

The old soldiers are hesitant about the new ways of Vale. Being thrust into a massive galactic battle is more familiar territory.

While the military are prepared to go to whatever lengths are necessary to repel the Komran once and for all, the Council frets about what is to become of their precious society and their social standing once it is all over.

However, they fail to understand that if our heroes fail, their society won’t survive the Komran war machine—because the empire only accepts two things from their enemies: Subjugation or destruction.
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