Finland True Crime: Harrowing Short Stories About Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping, Abuse, and Theft

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
6 hours 40 minutes
» The diabolical awaits us at the bottom of the land of 1000 lakes. Unsparingly and with focus, Langenscheid reveals the darkest sides of Finland « – Dave Grunewald (Musician / Influencer)

» Morbid, whimsical, sad ... Goosebumps!« – Leonie-Rachel Soyel (Podcast Couchgeflüster)

» Why go to the basement to be creeped out? Lights off - reading lamp on!« – Harmke Horst (Podcast Mantrailing / Trainer for person detection dogs)

» Nothing is as moving and churning as true stories. Langenscheid's books are a heartfelt recommendation for every true crime fan. « – TheKilla Podcast

In this sixth volume of his True Crime series, Germany's bestselling True Crime author Adrian Langenscheid once again unleashes heart-pounding, addictive reading. This breathtaking and deeply harrowing portrait of the human abyss arouses powerful emotions due to its cool, factually neutral descriptions.

Free of any sensationalism, sixteen True Crime short stories retell some of the most spectacular Finnish criminal cases in recent decades. A gripping collection of tales of murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, abuse, fraud, betrayal, and theft take the reader to their most unbearable limits. These are crimes involving 'people like you and me'; people whose lives, due to tragic circumstances, are no longer what they once were.

With his expertise and excellent imaginative writing, the True Crime expert integrates key insights from court hearings, case files, psychological assessments, interrogations, and investigative protocols into his eventful narratives.
Real life produces outrageous stories and this book sums them up. Captivated, stunned, amazed, and moved to tears, you will question everything you thought you knew about human nature.

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