Finding Ruby Starling

Written by:
Karen Rivers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2014
6 hours 34 minutes
The Parent Trap comes to the digital age in this delightful new novel by the author of The Encyclopedia of Me.

When Ruth Quayle used a special app to search for pictures of herself online, she found dozens of images of 'Ruth Quayle' -- and one of 'Ruby Starling.'

When Ruby Starling gets a message from a Ruth Quayle proclaiming them to be long-lost twin sisters, she doesn't know what to do with it -- until another message arrives the day after, and another one. It could be a crazy stalker ... but she and this Ruth do share a birthday, and a very distinctive ear....

Ruth is an extroverted American girl. Ruby is a shy English one. As they investigate the truth of their birth and the circumstances of their separation, they also share lives full of friends, family, and possible romances -- and they realize they each may be the sister the other never knew she needed.

Written entirely in e-mails, letters, Tumblr entries, and movie scripts, Finding Ruby Starling is the funny and poignant companion to Karen Rivers's The Encyclopedia of Me.
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