Finding My Pack

Written by:
Lane Whitt
Narrated by:
Cooper North , Aletha George

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2017
11 hours 17 minutes
Abandoned as a baby and forced to grow up way too fast, Kitten has learned to live and survive by her own unique code. When Kitten is at her lowest point and thinks she can't carry on, she meets an extraordinary group of men who welcome her into their home and hearts, showing her more kindness than she has ever known. What will happen when she finds out the secrets they keep? They may be more connected than they all thought when secrets about Kitten begin to surface as well.

Contains mature themes.
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Jade Shaw

I did not care for this book. The age gap is creepy since, until way later in the book and after a few heavy make-out/petting scenes, they all think she's sixteen with the sexual maturity of someone sheltered under a rock instead of toughing it out on the streets. Which brings me to my second issue. Kitten has supposedly raised herself on the streets and educated herself in a public library but you would think she was fresh out of some uber restrictive commune or something with as much as she knows about the real world. She's never had candy before yet she frequently talks about eating out of garbage and we're supposed to believe she never shoplifted candy? She said she stole food for the Cat Lady but she never stole some for herself after she got away from her? She never ran into any other street kids or learned any slang just from walking around on the sidewalk listening to conversations? It's like she's from another planet. She also it's portrayed as so innocent and morally pure without even being a little bit jaded. I just don't think that is believable in the slightest after what she claims she's been through.

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Christiane L.

If your kink is being a little you’re going to love this book! It’s a reverse harem with 8 werewolves which are hundreds of years old and a 16 year old with the naïveté mindset of a 6 year old girl. They buy her stuffed animals, give her a pink bandage and a lollipop when she gives blood, put her hair in pigtails as she sits obediently on the bathroom counter, lay out her clothing each morning which of course they bought for her, carry her in and tuck her into bed when she falls asleep in the car after a day at the fair, give her piggy back rides and candy and masturbate her through her clothes. Kitten is so naive that she thinks she must have eaten too much when she gets aroused. If this dynamic appeals to you give this book a try. It is well written and flows smoothly. The female narrator is quite good. The male narrator has a great voice but he did not do different voices for the 8 werewolves and I really would have enjoyed it if each one had their own voice. It does turn out that Kitten is older than 16 but for most of the book it’s believed that she is a 16 year old child so trigger warning for grooming and molestation of a minor.

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Nina L

LOVE IT! absolutely my favorit book ever

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It’s a good read, well written and the narration was nice as well. Although I’m not sure how I felt about the age differences, I guess it stops mattering when you’ve lived hundreds of years.

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Malissa S.

Good book

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Kelly D.

Love this series. Great characters and story line. Love the narrators too

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this book has has the reader feeling ever emotion you can feel while reading it also you become very invested in the characters an what happens to them kitty is very relatable

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Mirrelle Walker-Thompson

Definitely one of my favorites, but the narrator's voice is kinda odd and doesn't add much to the difference between boy's voices. Kinda hard to tell which is which, and she's a little pitchy. But the book itself is pretty quality, and I'd like to read a hardcover version.

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I really enjoyed this book. We’ll written and I loved the narrators.

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Robin L.

Love this series and the Narrators are excellent.

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Jinette A.

Great story!

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I love this book! The reader is amazing too.

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Misty B.

loved it! can't wait for there next one

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