Fever!: Zombie Rules Book 6

Written by:
David Achord
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
10 hours 47 minutes
Three soldiers decide they've had enough and decide to strike out on their own. They go to west Tennessee in search of Brandon Crawford's aunt and uncle. They soon descend into a world of marauding in order to survive.

Jump forward to eight years later, Zach Gunderson and his family have made a home at Mount Weather. Everything seems to be working and the President's dream of reestablishing the U.S.A. is progressing, but then, disaster strikes. After being vaccinated, two survivor groups in Ohio become infected, unleashing an apparent new strain of the zombie virus. Through Zach's investigation, he finds a traitor in their midst who is trying to sabotage the rebirth of America by any means necessary.

Contains mature themes.
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Christine P.

Yet again, another great book! The narration was perfect! I’ve read all 6 books and the characters are like family! I’m sad that this is the last book to date. I’m hoping the author is currently writing the next one!

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David J.

Good book. No down moments everything was interesting and kept you wanting to go on

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looking forward to the next

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Nancy B.

"Fever!" was just as good as "Mount Weather." I enjoyed it more because I already knew who the people were. I enjoy post-apocalyptic because the focus of existence is less. Zach writes about civilization-building and problems that come with prosperity, mainly greed. Deuteronomy 15 talks about how every seven years, the Jews were supposed to cancel all debts, among other things, because "there will always be poor people." Maintaining a healthy civilization is about balance. I loved "Fever!" and hope to read more of the series soon.

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Ricardo J.

Loving the Book and Narrator. On to the next BOOK!

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Lois J.

Fantastic listening, narrator is as always great and getting better as he goes. Looking Forward to the next books. Excited

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Glenn S.

There is so much detail in the writing that the plot moves very slow. There’s not a whole lot that happens considering this book is like 15 hours long. But I didn’t care because the narrator is perfect and I hope this series continues for years. Just don’t get too attached to any of the characters, because they can get wiped out super fast.

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bakr abd

simply amazing, one of my favorites

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Florentina G.

I have read all the books. I really like the book, but this is the weakest one from the series. The narrator (which is perrrrrfect in all of the books) has some moments where his voice changes when it should not. I am not sure if it is because of the narrator or because of the editor. Why I like this book less that any other from the series: the author describes some background information more than once - for example, he describes something from the past and after a minute or so the same descriptive paragraph with a few new words is presented. But this does not happen only when there are paragraph about the past...there are things from the present presented in a similar way. Maybe this is a way of letting us know that the character is maturing in some, maybe I'm being picky or maybe, just maybe I am correct. Another thing that I would not like to happen (since I am sure that another book is on the way) is for this to be turn in an americana stuff (I can see it moving that way, but I reaaaally hope it will not) - I am trying not to give to much details here. I mean I understand that they are trying to make "America great again" and all that stuff (it's their country in the end), but this is a zombie book... People should be friends (I do not agree with the author when he wrote "this is not a movie, Julie" - or similar, but he made up for it)... the way the book is going, I will not pay to read it. I really hope the author reads my comment.

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Best apocalypse series ever! Awesome narration as well!

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