Faux Pas

Written by:
Natasha Madison
Narrated by:
Meg Sylvan , Jack Dupont

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 8 minutes
Six days in Paris, that was the plan. Keep my head down, do my duty, and then I'd go back to my vineyard. It was smooth sailing until she came into the restaurant and sent back my newest full-bodied savory creation.

I ignored her until she stormed out of the restaurant looking for a taxi at one in the morning. The gentleman I was, I couldn't leave her wandering around the streets of Paris, could I?

I'd give her a ride, make sure she was safe, and it would be done…except it wasn't.

Something about her pulled at me. With one drunken moment and a simple question, everything went haywire.

This could be the vacation fling of a lifetime. After all, there is no real reason for her to know my life story and all my secrets.

I'm France's most eligible bachelor. This 'faux pair' is almost a faux pas...
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