Faith Driven Investing: Every Investment Has an Impact--What’s Yours?

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
5 hours 14 minutes
You can choose where you live, serve, learn, and give. What about where you invest? What if you could align your investments with God’s heart? Imagine the impact that you could have.

As Christians, we seek to make God a part of every decision that we make―the way we parent, lead, serve, and spend. But what if God has a purpose and plan for the investing dreams that he has given you? A community of ministries, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and fund managers have all experienced God awakening a movement, and it’s bigger than simply avoiding “sin stocks.” This movement is all about investing in human flourishing and driving capital into initiatives that stand for something significant. Faith Driven Investing defines this movement and helps you envision how your capital can grow and fund God’s purposes in this world.

Join other Faith Driven leaders and investors on this journey:
- Timothy Keller: How your identity as a beloved child of God is more than your financial returns
- Andy Crouch: How to bring transparency and generosity to your finances
- Cathie Wood: How to find your call to create and innovate in investing
- And many more!

Faith Driven Investing will inspire you to join small groups with other professionals who are on this same journey with you. See your investments from God’s perspective and learn how to steward your investments for His kingdom.
Each book purchase includes access to the eight-session Faith Driven Investing video series, a discussion guide to encourage conversation among peers, and an invitation to join a Faith Driven Investing Group to meet other like-minded investors.
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