Fabulous: The Complete Series 1-3: A BBC Radio full-cast comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
5 hours 6 minutes
Faye Walters knows that today's women are sorted and stylish. They have the job, the house, the colour co-ordinated capsule wardrobe. They cope with the pressures of singledom, marriage and having kids with peanut-allergies. And they all do it effortlessly, with nothing more than a women's mag and a poem by Pam Ayres to guide them.

So why can't she pull it off?

Everything would be fabulous if only she could wangle an invitation to her boss's wedding, buy a flat with her boyfriend and get her mum to loan her £10,000. But even with a new kitchen, an awards ceremony and her own engagement party to look forward to, she's still anxious. And life only gets more nerve-wracking as she prepares for a royal visit at work and her hen do - especially since she's having serious doubts about whether she wants to get married at all...

Starring Daisy Haggard (Breeders, Back to Life) as ditsy, neurotic Faye, this quirky comedy features a stellar cast including Katy Brand as Denise, Olivia Colman and Melanie Hudson as Edith, Laura Solon as Kim and Justin Edwards as Mark. Among the guest stars are Adam Buxton, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Mark Lamarr.

Produced by Simon Nicholls
Music by Osymyso

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 16 May-20 June 2007 (Series 1), 14 October-11 November 2008 (Series 2), 9 February-2 March 2010 (Series 3)

Faye - Daisy Haggard
Denise - Katy Brand
Edith - Olivia Colman/Melanie Hudson
Kim - Laura Solon
Mark - Justin Edwards
With Adam Buxton, Matthew Holness, Joanna Neary, Eve Dallas, John Dougall, Joanna Scanlan, Anne Reid, Jot Davies, Geoffrey McGivern, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Stephen Critchlow, Mel Hudson, John Rowe, Dan Starkey, Bradley Ford, Renee Clark, Chelsea Jabbau, Alison Pettit, Martin Hyder, Joanna Monro, Sally Grace, David Armand, Nigel Hastings, Rufys Wright, John Biggins, Mark Lamarr
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