The Eyewitness

Written by:
Anna Bågstam
Narrated by:
Caitlin Shannon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
10 hours 53 minutes
The Eyewitness is a fast paced and thrilling crime novel with a smart, funny and flawed heroine at the centre.

Harriet Vesterberg is finished with Stockholm – she needs a fresh start and relocates to the quaint fishing town Lerviken. But the little town is not what she remembers from her childhood summers.

When a woman is brutally murdered the day after Harriet arrives, not far from her father's house, she must quickly make her own way to find the killer. Her new colleagues at the police station are not interested in her opinions and make it very clear that she is not wanted there.

As her investigation continues she starts to wonder if maybe this was a mistake – does she really want to find this killer? A killer who might be a little too close to home…
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Jesisca W.

This was an enjoyable “page turner”. If you like this genre you will find it fun. The characters are likable and the town sounds lovely. If you are not accustomed to accents you might find the listening a bit harder than normal.

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Karen B.

Waste of a credit

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Kathryn B.

One of the worst books I’ve ever listened to. The story was convoluted, and the narration was terrible. Large parts couldn’t be understood at all, because the narrator was trying to be too clever with the dialogue.

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